Our Campaign’s Vision: The People Come First

We can solve every challenge our city faces—and save money for every working person, improve our quality of life and deliver equity—if we embrace one principle: the people come first. Here is the first wave of my plan & vision for our city (a lot more to come!). Tell me your thoughts through our website, or in person when we meet in the district.

What Makes A Great City? Neighborhoods!

Our neighborhoods are the heart-and-soul of the city. Our neighborhoods are where we live, where we raise our families, where we socialize daily with friends and where we spend our hard-earned money.

Workers' Rights

Everything we love about our city was built by workers and their families. Decades of experience in campaigns for justice have shown me that solidarity is the anchor for union and community power to achieve a better quality of life for all people.

A Four-Day Work Week

This is a simple idea: every person should work a 32-hour, four-day work week for the same pay.

The Power Of The Purse—To Defend Workers Wages

Every tax dollar spent should invest in our community—and that means good wages.

A Kicker For Workers, Not The Wealthy

We have plenty of money to pay teachers a fair wage, build housing, set up social services of every type—and still have money left for a rainy day.

If... we stop giving away huge riches to the wealthiest people in the state. That's what the current "kicker" does.

Big Oil, Not YOU, Should Pay The Bill

Corporations should cover all the real costs for the privilege of doing business in our city. That’s especially true when it comes to the risk put on every Portlander by the fossil fuel industry.

Public Broadband For All

Every Portlander should have access to affordable public broadband as a basic right and equity for all. For so many people, this is a matter of economic survival.

Affordable Housing

I am working on a concrete proposal, with a large investment, to create a significant project to build affordable housing

Workers & Climate Change

We are all environmentalists. Every person wants to live on a healthy planet—and wants that for their families and future generations. With a proven track record, my focus will be to support workers who face the threat of job losses or income declines as we all collectively work to battle climate change.

Peace & Quiet: Ban Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers!

This should be a no-brainer for every corner of the city. Banning gas-powered leaf blowers is a quality of life issue for every resident AND the workers who use this equipment—especially because great alternatives exist!