Election 2024—The Basics

I wanted to give a short background on what is about to change in 2024—for all the voters in District 2, for Portlanders everywhere and, as well, for my many friends and colleagues in other communities who are supporting the campaign. This is important FOR EVERY VOTER in District 2: please sign up at our website so we can update you about any changes in the election rules AND assist you with any questions right up to Election Day!

Until now, we've elected four City Commissioners citywide who, together with the mayor, served as our legislative body. Commissioners were assigned to oversee city agencies by the mayor—a set-up that, charitably, has not worked.

In 2022, voters approved, by a wide margin, a significant change. Starting in 2024, 12 people will be elected to the City Council, three from each of four districts (you can see the rough outlines of the district in the map to your left).

In addition, the mayor will no longer be on the City Council. Finally, Portland will hire a city manager to run the departments day-to-day—which is how most medium- to large cities operate.

The election will employ ranked-choice voting (RCV)—here is a basic explanation of RCV. Note: the caveat for us in Portland: with three candidates being elected out of each district, a candidate who receives 25% plus 1 in the first round is automatically declared a winner.